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Jennifer Goes Wicked

Photo courtesy of PRPhotos Jennifer Nettles is no stranger to Broadway, but this might be our favorite performance yet. The Sugarland star joined forces with Broadway sensation Annaleigh Ashford on a duet of “As Long as You’re Mine” from the hit musical Wicked, and it’s nothing short of incredible.

Hilarious Pics of Olympic Skaters

Training for the Olympics must be hard…I couldn’t do it…but getting these great shots of Olympic figure skaters making funny faces during their routines must be even more difficult. Check out these athletes captured mid-performance. HERE.  

The Feel Good Story Of Valentine’s Day!

customers filled a Mount Dora, Florida Waffle House with balloons and flowers yesterday because a server there was spending her first Valentine’s Day alone in 36 years. ‘Miss Brenda’ recently lost her husband and was stunned when dozens of customers showed up with gifts for her. The gift-giving started after Brenda reminded a customer, named […]

May I See You Home After the Circus?

Strange as it may seem, that’s one of the original messages printed on candy hearts in the 1800’s! The size of the candy and the messages have changed over the years, but back when the New England Candy Company (Necco) started making them…they were a bit odd! See how the messages on candy hearts have […]

Parents Using Olympic Curling for Chores [WATCH]

Parents have recently been using Olympic Curling to get their kids to mop and sweep their floors.  The parents are having their children follow round objects and Roomba vacuums with brooms and swiffers.  Parents are posting video of their children online. Featured image via pixabay.com