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Hard to believe it’s been over a year…

It was 2008. CMT’s “Can You Duet”. That was the jumping-off point for Joey and Rory. Following a successful run, Joey came down with cancer. After a well-documented and very public battle, she lost her fight a little over a year ago. Her husband Rory has not performed in public since. That changed this past […]

Bust a Move! Man shows off for a TV News Helicopter. [WATCH]

A television news helicopter in Scottsdale, Arizona was shooting the scene of a three-car accident when a bystander realized that he was in the camera’s live shot that he was watching on his phone. That’s when he decided to show off some of his best dance moves. image via

Man Breaks Maple Syrup Speed Chugging World Record (Watch)

A competitive eating champion known as L.A. Beast is famous for eating lightbulbs. And, drinking a gallon of honey while his face was covered with bees. And, consuming 26 ghost peppers in one sitting. Well, he’s also now in the record books for chugging an entire bottle of maple syrup in 10.84 seconds, smashing the […]

This boys first time meeting his little brother is melting hearts!

Meeting a new sibling for the very first time is a huge moment in a kid’s life. Every parent hopes that it goes well and the older child instantly falls in love with his or her new baby brother or sister. But sometimes the older sibling is immediately overcome with jealousy and resentment. The parents […]