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Jorts Are Still In

The brand Y/Project is selling a new pair of jean shorts (Jorts) for $425. The light-colored blue jeans have detachable legs which leave the wearer with a pair of short Jorts. The jeans also have a button fly instead of a zipper Y/Project detachable cut-out front jeans. The website for the jeans reads … These […]

Big Bang Theory Fans: Young Sheldon Preview is here! [watch]

The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons will be on two TV shows this fall. CBS created a spin-off series about his brainiac character growing up in East Texas at age nine. Young Sheldon stars newcomer Iain Armitage with Parsons cast as the narrator. Parsons told Entertainment Tonight,  “We saw lots of auditions. There’s something […]

Isn’t there some sorta curse??

Photo courtesy of PRPhotos Why, yes…yes there is! 2017-Gronk on the cover, goes down with injury. 2014-Adrian Peterson on the cover, goes down with injury. 2012-Peyton Hillis on the cover, goes down with injury. 2011-Drew Brees on the cover, has probably his worst season. 2010-Troy Polamalu on the cover, goes down with injury. 2006-Donovan McNabb […]

A Lucky Shot [Watch]

A prankster son fires off a lucky shot of his Nerf gun that lands in the slightly-open mouth of his unsuspecting mother. image via