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Naomi Judd Talks About Depression

Naomi Judd, award winning country singer, mother of Wynonna and Ashley has struggled with depression and she has written a new book called River of Time about that battle. This morning Naomi appeared on the TODAY SHOW on NBC. See more HERE

‘The Invisible Box’ is the new Social Media Trend [watch]

Move over mannequin challenge. Get out of the way, water bottle-flipping. There’s a new viral craze sweeping the Internet called “The Invisible Box.” Thanks to a high school cheerleader named Ariel Olivar, everyone is now attempting the trick in which the person appears to be stepping on an invisible box. The idea is to raise one […]

Gonna Be Tough

Photo courtesy of PRPhotos Despite Troy Gentry‘s death, Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry will head out on tour next year to support the duo’s final album together, Here’s to You. He says, “I’m anxious to get back out on the road and play some new music for our friends and fans. Next year marks the 20th anniversary of […]

The Not So Secret Season 3 is Coming!

Fans of Stranger Things on Netflix have had their suspicions confirmed. The series WILL return for Season 3. The unusual show set in the 80's features a group of kids and the strange things happening in their town. "Stranger Things" is back...turn it up to Eleven! All the details HERE.