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May I See You Home After the Circus?

Strange as it may seem, that’s one of the original messages printed on candy hearts in the 1800’s! The size of the candy and the messages have changed over the years, but back when the New England Candy Company (Necco) started making them…they were a bit odd! See how the messages on candy hearts have […]

Parents Using Olympic Curling for Chores [WATCH]

Parents have recently been using Olympic Curling to get their kids to mop and sweep their floors.  The parents are having their children follow round objects and Roomba vacuums with brooms and swiffers.  Parents are posting video of their children online. Featured image via pixabay.com

At 17 Its Good To Be In The Olympics

Chloe Kim is only 17, but that didn’t stop her from earning a gold medal yesterday at the Olympics in South Korea. WIth her family cheering her on, she put on an incredible half-pipe performance on her first run that was good enough for the medal. Chloe took her 3rd run and performed even better. […]

Ooops! Messy eaters, this may be your solution!

If you apply makeup or drink a cup of coffee before heading to work — or on your way into the office — you probably have experienced the frustrations of making a mess on your shirt or dress before clocking in. If it happens often it might be worth it for you to buy a […]

This Is A Good Look!

Photo courtesy of PRPhotos Kelsea Ballerini kicked off her Unapologetically tour Thursday night, and she couldn’t have made a better wardrobe decision. She took to the stage in a black dress that featured all the song titles off her latest album, Unapologetically. It’s no surprise that she nailed her look because Kelsea has become known as one […]