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John Oliver, WNEP and the Train…. [WATCH]

featured image via The train in WNEP's backyard seems to be of big conversation on Talkback 16, so much that even HBO's John Oliver picked up on the story.  Check out the surprise that John Oliver had for WNEP!  Warning:  Does contain some NSFW Language. Now it's gotten people talking even more, and it [...]

The 11 Stages of Realizing You Have a New Favorite Song

We’ve all done it- you hear a song for the first time and you’re HOOKED.. (It happened to me with Brett Eldredges’ “Something I’m Good At”!) Buzzfeed compiled the 11 Stages of Realizing You Have a New Favorite Song, check it out HERE. featured image via

This is a different hood ornament

Police in China cited a driver for operating his vehicle with an unusual hood ornament … his wife. Police were called after another driver on the road reported seeing a car being driven with a woman sitting on the hood. The witness was able to catch the unusual scene on video and shared it with […]