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There’s an Exact Time For Everything

It’s all about timing. Turns out there is a best time of day to do almost everything. The best time to do stuff — from firing him to putting the moves on her — is based on your natural body clock. When you follow nature’s timetable, the result is less stress and more energy for […]

Well…This Is Different

Martyn Bilby is celebrating Easter by serving deep fried Cadbury eggs at his London cafe. He says, “Customers their noses up at first at the idea, but once they try them they eat their words and agree that they are really tasty. It is effectively putting something like a doughnut shell around the egg. The […]

Another Plaque On The Wall

Last night, (4/16/19), Kelsea Ballerini was officially inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.  Carrie Underwood did the honors.  About a month and a half ago is when the news was broken to the singer that she was invited to join the family.  Little Big Town had that honor…. Photo courtesy of PRPhotos

Do you know a couple with a huge age gap?

He’s 71…and she’s 23! A couple that met on Facebook is celebrating their 4th anniversary in spite of their huge age difference. Does age really matter that much. Do you know of a couple that have a large difference in age? Maybe you and your significant other? Let us know about it on our Bigfoot […]

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