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Oompa Loompas LIVE!!

Mike Teavee finally appeared on TV — but Alex Trebek couldn’t have cared less. Paris Themmen — who played the boob-tube-obsessed character in the 1971 movie Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory — was a contestant on Jeopardythis week. But Trebek didn’t mention that fact while introducing the former child actor. Themmen tells TMZ that the […]

Maybe…Just Maybe…

Reba McEntire and two of her former co-stars hope to reboot their sitcom Reba. She posted a picture on social media with Melissa Peterman, who played her nemesis Barbara Jean, and Christopher Rich, who portrayed her ex-husband, Brock. If the comments from fans are any indication, this could be a go — that is, if the rest […]

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