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Gettin’ Down in the ATL

Law student Katie Gould became an internet star after dancing through the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with her cat. She filmed her dance and set it to the tune of Hall & Oates’ “You Make My Dreams Come True” after missing her flight. Katie tells Travel + Leisure magazine; “I just decided to put my phone […]

Don’t miss the Super Blood Wolf Moon

It’s a rare sight, and you have a chance to experience it this weekend! (maybe) Our part of PA is lined up for “fair” viewing of an unusual event called a “Super Blood Wolf Moon” during a full lunar eclipse. Find out more about the rare sighting HERE.

This Is Cool!!!

Most of us have been on a vacation where, if you pay, you can swim/play with the dolphins in a controlled environment.  This surfer of the LA coast, for free, was joined by a number of dolphins on his run.


No yolk here — Kylie Jenner has lost the title of most-liked photo on Instagram to an egg. The pic of a lone egg against a white background surpassed 18 million likes on Sunday night — eclipsing the first image of Kylie’s baby Stormi. The egg photo was posted on January with the sole purpose of beating […]

Thank You For Your Service

In the weeks leading up to Duane Sherman‘s 96th birthday on December 30th, the WWII veteran hoped to receive a few birthday cards in the mail. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen due to the fact that he’s outlived most of his old friends. His daughter Sue decided to take matters into her own hands — pleading via social media for strangers to […]

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