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No Surprise Here

If you’ve ever been to a Garth Brooks concert, you know he pays tribute to the artists that helped shape him.  James Taylor, Kiss, Billy Joel to name a few.  Add Tom Petty to that list.  Over the weekend, in Gainesville, Florida, he and Trisha Yearwood honored the late rocker with this… Photo courtesy of […]

It’s Yard Sale Season!

Now that its warming up, its one of my favorite times of the year…Yard Sale Season!  If you’ve done some spring cleaning and are ready to part with some of your stuff…you could make some cash! Like everything, there is a right way and a wrong way…so here are some tips to help you get […]

OOPS! Watch out on the ice! [WATCH]

Gavin DeGraw flopped at singing the national anthem -- literally. He face-planted on a hockey rink. DeGraw Instagrammed a video from the embarrassing moment and joked, (quote) “I didn’t realize singing the national anthem was a full-contact sport.” Before Saturday’s Nashville Predators playoff game, DeGraw stepped onto the hockey rink to sing the “Star Spangled [...]

There’s an Exact Time For Everything

It’s all about timing. Turns out there is a best time of day to do almost everything. The best time to do stuff — from firing him to putting the moves on her — is based on your natural body clock. When you follow nature’s timetable, the result is less stress and more energy for […]