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That’s Pretty Quick…

The Aspark Owl electric hypercar from Japan is now the fastest accelerating car in the world, going from zero-to-60 in just 1.69 seconds.  2,012 horsepower, has a top speed of 248.5 miles per hour — and costs ONLY $3.4 million. Only 50 will be produced worldwide.

This Looks Interesting…

The Indian Express says chocolate-coated fried chicken is trending on Tik Tok. The chicken drumsticks are roasted before being dipped in chocolate and then fried. The drumsticks are served with chocolate dipping sauce. Oh Yeah, we are DEFINITELY trying this!

2020 Just Keeps Getting Worse…Or Does It?

Well, this might be tough to take, but this from the much-loved(?) Kardashian clan– “It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Keeping Up with the Kardashians. After what will be 14 years, 20 seasons, hundreds of episodes and several spin-off shows, we’ve decided as a family to end this very special journey. […]

They’re At It Again!

According to NBC, the Archie McPhee candy store, which has made kale,along with mac and cheese flavored candy canes, has moved on to… KETCHUP-FLAVORED CANDY CANES. A box of six ketchup candy canes will set ya back $5.50.