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Watermelon… Burgers?

Tis the season for grilling, it’s common for us to make burgers, hot dogs, chicken and a whole lot more. BUT watermelon burgers?! I’m a bit skeptical but this does sounds refreshing and delicious.  Check out this recipe! Featured image via

So…This Happened…

OK…we’ve all done strange weird things in our lives, right? Hold my beer… Here’s the link top this twitter video. You’ve been warned.

No Way!!!

OK…we’ve all struggled at one time or another trying to solve Rubik’s Cube, right?  We’ve put it down, thrown it against the wall, kicked it.  Well, this kid did it in 16.7 seconds—on a POGO STICK!  In Boulder, Colorado, 14-year-old Evan Blecher has set a new speed record for the Rubik’s Cube, finishing the puzzle […]

TikTok User Shares Workouts We Can Do From Our Own Couch!

Not a fan of exercising?  Just wanna binge Netflix and be a couch potato?  One TikTok user has shared a series of videos of workouts, including some you can do from your couch. His name is Justin Agustin and all you need for his workout is a towel, pillow and a soft place to sit. [...]
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