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You Go Girl!!

Many artists these days release several singles between albums, but Miranda Lambert will never be one of those. She shared the reason why in a recent interview, saying, “It’s been suggested to me lately, ‘Well, you can just release a song.’ It’s like they sucked all the air out of the room, because I’m too romantic about making […]

Pickle Beer is Back! Ewww!

If you like small brews…unique flavors and interesting combinations when you drink, maybe this “Pickle Beer” is for you! In Cincinnati a brewer is back for the second summer with a pickle beer. It’s sour taste is supposed to quench your thirst on these hot days. It has a wheat beer base and cucumbers, salt […]

So a Man Falls asleep in a Vent at Starbucks….

The Vancouver Sun claims a man recently got stuck in the venting system of a Vancouver, Canada Starbucks. The man locked himself in the bathroom before crawling inside a vent and falling asleep. Employees heard footsteps coming from the ceiling before the man started trying to kick his way out of the vent. The wannabe […]

They Got Game, AND A Spot On Stage!

When Brad Paisley plays Mansfield, Massachusettes on August 11th, he might have a couple of special guests joining him at the show. He invited the two Boston cops who sang “God Bless America” in their squad car to his concert.  Here’s his tweet asking them, “Yep. Happy 4th everyone! Oh and if you officers wanna sing […]


Brad Paisley will serve as a judge on tonight’s episode of The Gong Show. Jason Sudeikis and Sharon Osbourne will join Brad as judges on the episode, which airs on ABC at 7 pm. The offbeat talent show gives a prime-time platform for unusual, often unique, performers. Tonight’s episode is set to include a father-daughter rap duo, a […]