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Another Reality Show….Maybe??

Well, this was somewhat inevitable.  Blake and Gwen are possibly gonna star in their own reality show.  They think it wold be fun to do, and…oh yeah…they would be paid quite well for this, too… Photo courtesy of PRPhotos

Just Think What Marty McFly Could’ve Done With This One!

Joe Giaglia from Los Angeles, has set a new world record on Friday by creating the world’s largest skateboard at 35 feet, 7 inches. It took about10 weeks to manufacture the board. Joe said he used racing car tires instead of the traditional rubber skateboard wheels.  No word yet on whether it has Hoverboard technology… […]

Head to the Grill

The Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end of summer…one last chance to celebrate and fire up the grill. Here are some great cookout ideas for you to try this weekend from Check them out HERE

Hottest Kids Toys of 2018- Ready to get Holiday Shopping Started?

Yeah we may still have 3 months until the Holidays BUT it will definitely be here before we know it!  Ready to get that shopping started?  Check out this list of the hottest toys this holiday season! Top 10 Kids’ Toys of 2018 (according to Walmart) 1. Barbie Dreamhouse ($180) 2. Fisher-Price “Little People Take Turns” […]

Hey! Hey! You! You! I don’t like your bee-friend. [WATCH]

You know how frightened you get when you're driving and a spider or a bee appears inside the car? Imagine how the owner of this car must have felt when he found an entire hornet nest inside. A bee expert in Ohio was called to remove an enormous nest from the backseat of an El Camino. Travis Watson, [...]
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