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Can’t See The Subway For The Trees

Nothing is shocking anymore on New York’s subway trains. Riders on the 2 train sat in their seats and watched as a man loaded several trees on board and effectively turning the train into a forest.  

Bad Tattoos. Do you have one you regret?

There are some fantastic tattoo artists out there. They create beautiful works of art for customers every day. On the other had you can see some really bad ink. Do you or someone you know have a terrible tattoo that you or they regret? Drop by thisisbigfootcountry on facebook and drop us a pic in […]

Hey…At Least He’s Not Drawing Birds Like Shelly and The Harry Mann…

A six-year-old Shiba Inu dog, named Hunter, loves to paint. His owner, Denise Lo, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, says he holds a paintbrush in his mouth before stroking it over paper and canvas. Hunter’s paintings sell for around $50 a piece. Denise donates Hunter’s earnings to a local animal rescue. Hunter’s nickname is Pawcasso

Mighta Hurt More Than The Famous Carson Clip!

Ax throwing has become a sport that is quickly growing in popularity with locations suddenly popping up all over the place. But it is still very important to remember that it’s extremely dangerous if not done correctly. Just ask this lady who bounced her hatchet and nearly lost her head.    

In Case You Missed It…..

For a record-setting 16th time, Reba McEntire hosted the ACMs in  Las Vegas last night.  She did not disappoint. Photo courtesy of PRPhotos