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Time To Learn Something…OK?

We all have questions.  A–Why is the sky blue? B–Why does your dog cock his head and look up every once in a while?  C–Where do babies come from? (Answers below)  What about the origin of “OK”?  Well, this video will answer that question… A–Because if it were green we wouldn’t know where to stop […]

Bendiness Is Back!!!

A Super Bowl Champion, An Olympic Champion, And a Duke Highlight Season 27 of Dancing With The Stars, which debuts on ABC on September 24!! Photo courtesy of PRPhotos

OK….This Is New…

The Daily Mail claims the makers of Cocoa Locks say their hot chocolate stops hair from falling out. They say the 26-calorie drink contains vitamins and minerals which spur hair growth. Trichologist Iain Sallis tells the paper that Cocoa Locks’ claims are false. ”An average person is not deficient in any of these nutrients and […]

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