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According to Variety,  a film version of Fantasy Island is in the works, and Michael Pena is the actor chosen to play Mr. Rourke, originated in the TV show by Ricardo Montalban.  Pena is probably best known from the Ant Man movies.  He was also in the AWFUL remake of Chips  No word yet on […]

BANKSY: Shreds Artwork Auctioned at $1.4 Million [WATCH]

The art world is buzzing over the latest prank perpetrated by Banksy. The world-renowned graffiti artist shredded one of his artworks the moment it was sold at auction for $1.4 million. Banksy revealed on Instagram his remote-control paper shredder hidden within the picture frame of a painting called Girl With Balloon. Sotheby’s handled the auction. The highest bidder [...]

Who’s The Bigger Bozo Here??

Ok…I get it.  It’s a little funny the first time or two.  Truck driver is clueless about what is happening.  But the guy filming it is just as much of a clown for not speeding up and telling the truck driver what is happening.  What do you think?