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How to Travel with Kids

A vacation is nice, but when you have to travel with several young children. It’s not that relaxing. Country singer Carrie Underwood is expecting her 2nd son any time now and she has been thinking about touring with 2 children in tow. While it might be easier for Carrie with her “team” to take care […]

Just Moose. No Squirrel.

A moose was on the loose inside a hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. Somehow it wandered into the atrium, ate some plants, and then walked out the door.

Who’s that girl?

If you are watching the new season of  The Bachelor  then you might recognize Colton Underwood‘s first impression rose recipient, Hannah G.  She appeared in videos by Darius Rucker and Thomas Rhett and she’s  an Instagram model. Oh and then the fact that she’s buds with Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum Danielle Maltby who appeared in Cole Swindell‘s “Middle of a Memory” clip.You never […]

Maren Morris gets cryptic

Maren Morris has fans puzzled over her latest string of Instagram posts. Late last week,she took to her social media to post nine, blank, off-white photos without any captions whatsoever. Fans began speculating immediately that these “blank canvases” suggest that new music is on the way. However Maren says her sophomore album is’s just a matter […]

Dog Names. What’s Your Favorite?

We love our pets. Dog lovers take great pride in picking the right name for their dog. Pop Sugar’s survey on the most popular dog names runs down the list for 2019: 5/ – Shiloh 4/ – Kai 3/ – Samson 2/ – Rex 1/ – Otto What is the name of your dog, or […]