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And Here We Go Again…

The Microwave Challenge.  Apparently it has become a thing, especially on TikTok, which is some sorta social media thing.  At least nobody is getting out of a moving car or throwing sliced cheese at anyone… 🙂

The Hoff!!!!

David Hasselhoff says no one calls him by his full name anymore … everyone refers to him as “The Hoff.” Hoff couldn’t believe it when he had to trademark his own nickname.   A Knight Rider reboot/movie is in the works.  If you have ANY questions about why The Hoff is so popular, this video […]

Spring Cleaning Burns Calories!

It takes a lot to clean the WHOLE HOUSE every Spring, but a lot of people do it and that means they’rte burning lots of calories. Shape Magazine breaks down cleaning activities and how many calories they burn. Time to start cleaning! Check it out HERE!

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