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How it’s Made: Mirrors [Watch]

There are some everyday items we use that we never think about how it's made, and today I stumbled across this video and it really surprised me how mirrors were made.  Check it out here! featured image via

Alright, Alright, Alright

Photo courtesy of PRPhotos Matthew McConaughey recently teamed up with Wild Turkey and Butterball and paid a visit to some lucky residents of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky to personally deliver some free Thanksgiving turkeys.

Tracy Lawrence Turkey Fry is Back

For years, singer Tracy Lawrence has held an annual Turkey Fry to help feed the homeless for Thanksgiving and lots of country stars, NFL players and friends from Nashville help out. This year Luke Combs & WiIliam Michael Morgan are on board.Find out more about this great annual event HERE

Experts Say Don’t Worry About Those Thanksgiving Calories

Another helping of mashed potatoes? Those candied yams? An extra piece of pie? Experts say when it comes to your Thanksgiving Meal, don't worry about the extra calories. For a healthy really won'tr matter much in the big picture. So enjoy the meal and read more about why you can indulge HERE.

Give The Guy A Break

Photo courtesy of PRPhotos Garth Brooks defended lip-syncing on the CMA Awards while visiting the Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday. The performance fell in the middle of a 12-day concert run and his voice was beginning to fail. That’s when he made the call to lip-sync rather than harm his vocal chords.