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Got an extra 18 Mil layin’ around?

18-5 to be exact. That is the asking price for what is being listed as the he most expensive property for sale in all of Tennessee. It’s a 622-acre property featuring six separate houses, including a restored log cabin. There is also a 12-stall horse barn on the property and pastures for grazing. And ponds. […]

This Star is the Next ‘Undercover Boss’. Check out his disguise!

Darius Rucker is going undercover to find musicians. That's right, the guy on the right who looks suspiciously like a less cool version of Darius Rucker is actually Darius. He checks out players in Texas for the CBS show Celebrity Undercover Boss. In the episode, which airs May 12th, he runs an open mic night to discover [...]

Muddy Jeans for sale

Many years ago it was ok to buy jeans with holes already in them ….now Nordstrom is selling jeans with mudd already on them…. these muddy jeans though are $425!!! The store’s website describes the jeans as … ”The Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans, which are made by the brand PRPS, embody rugged, Americana workwear that’s […]

Unicorn craze hits salad dressing

Hidden Valley Ranch is trying to cash in on the Unicorn craze by offering Unicorn ranch dressing. They claim if they receive 18 million tweets they will consider producing it in mass…get ready- your salad could be beautiful soon!!