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Ever wish you could take your cubicle outside??? Now you can!

Instead of hoping for a desk near a window- how ’bout actually taking your cubicle outside? In a tree? Microsoft has built actual treehouses on its Redmond, Washington, campus for its employees to use. The treehouses are 12 feet off the ground featuring  skylights, WiFi, hidden wall plugs and a gas fireplace.Hmmmmm spark some ideas for us […]

King Kong is in Salt Lake City!!!

What can you make from pool noodles, wood, chicken wire,egg cartons  and several types of fabric? King Kong of course!!!  ABC claims Ammon Smith, of Salt Lake City, is celebrating Halloween with a 39-foot King Kong display in his front yard. He says it took 100 hours to build the 140-foot structure, which shows King […]

World’s Most Expensive Home For Sale, Take a Look Inside!

Bloomberg claims a house in the south of France is selling for $410 million. Built in 1830, the home features 14,000 different species of plants, ponds, statues, olive trees, a library, gates, water views, mountain views, a pool and neighbors like composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.  Check out the house here! […]