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Guys, I Am Sorry About This…

Well, the mascot for the University of Colorado Buffaloes, Chip, apparently got a new tee shirt gun.  I would venture a guess that he didn’t have a lotta time to get acquainted with it properly.  Just watch as the Chip falls where he may…

Can You Spot The Easter Eggs In The Video?

Luke says “The music video for ‘She Got the Best of Me’ is a super cool video. It kind of- I guess, in a way tells the story of, at least visually, of how I got here. And, yeah, there was a lot of Easter eggs in the video, I guess, from other songs and […]

Weather Channel Reporter Caught Exaggerating [WATCH]

Weather Channel reporter Mike Seide is under fire for exaggerating during Hurricane Florence coverage.  Her was reporting from Wilmington, North Carolina when he appeared to brace himself….. then 2 men casually strolled by. featured image via