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Hall Of Famer!

Carrie Underwood will be inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame — the state’s highest honor. She’ll join previously inducted country stars Vince Gill, Toby Keith, Reba McEntireand Blake Shelton. The ceremony will take place on November 15th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here’s a look back at how it all started…and a look back at how much she’s […]

A Drink Named After….YOU!!!!

Jason Aldean is offering to name a cocktail at his Nashville bar after a fan. The contest will raise money for breast cancer research. Jason says he will fly the winner to Nashville and have dinner with them.  Now, the question is, what kind of drink would you like to be???

National Barbecue Day!

The weather isn’t really cooperating, but today is National Barbecue Day! Food on the grill! I love it! We always cook out this time of year. Things just seem to taste better. When you grill…what’s your go to food? Let us know on the Bigfoot FB page.

It’s Baaaa-aaaack!!!!!

Nintendo is bringing back the NES Classic Edition, which is a re-release of the original Nintendo Entertainment System that debuted in 1983. When the NES Classic Edition was originally released in 2016 for $79.99, it sold out quickly. This summer, it’s coming back with a $60 price point — and Nintendo should be able to […]