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That’s Gonna Hurt

Apple’s new building is pretty much made of glass.  Employees there have been walking into the glass walls, which will hurt.  So alot of the people there have resorted to putting post-it notes on the walls to help identify the walls.  They are not the only people to have a problem with walking into things, […]

Three Chords and the Starship Enterprise?

This might be the strangest thing you hear all day. WIlliam Shatner, the actor best know for his role as Captain James T. Kirk has signed a recording contract with a country music record label. The 86 year old has a new deal with Heartland Records…more HERE.

New Music from Willie Nelson: “Last Man Standing” [Watch]

Willie Nelson has made it a tradition to release a new album for his birthday every year, and this year is no exception. On April 27th, just two days before his 85th birthday, Willie will release Last Man Standing. Like his previous album, God’s Problem Child, this takes up the theme of mortality, with the title track’s opening […]

Hundreds Of Kids Dress Up As Lincoln For President’s Day….Honest!

Today is President’s Day. CBS claims Lincoln Elementary School, in Louisville, Kentucky, recently broke a world record by gathering 556 people dressed as Abraham Lincoln. Students and faculty members wore stovepipe hats and fake beards to honor the late President. Principal Susan French-Epps says; “We admire Abraham Lincoln. We’ve studied his contributions that he has […]