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Chris Stapleton + Toy Story

Toy Story 4 will be hitting theaters this month and Chris Stapleton has written a song for the soundtrack.. Check out this bop! featured image via

Ya Got 35 Grand? Then, Have We Got A Place For You!

NASA has been working on a program that will allow tourists to live at the International Space Station for up to a month at a time. If they pull this off, commercial companies will be able to lease time up there and bring people aboard, even if they don’t have any educational or scientific reason […]

Remember This Guy??

Today is National Donut Day, one of the most important days in the history of our great nation!!!  Come back with us, won’t you, to 1981…..

Throw Back Thursday: Jimmie Allen and Taylor Swift [Watch]

Jimmie Allen has shared while trying to get his break in country music he was working all kinds of jobs, and I recently found out that acting was one of them!  Did you know he starred in a Diet Coke commercial along side of Taylor Swift?  Check it out! featured image via