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Look whats making a comeback now!

Sony is releasing a 40th anniversary edition of the Sony Walkman. Collectors are paying as much as $1,500 for original Sony Walkmans. The new Walkman can store up to 16GB of music, can connect to Wi-Fi, has Bluetooth and uses Android apps on a 3.6 inch touch screen. The 2019 Sony Walkman will sell for […]


Sheryl Crow and Chris Stapleton have offered up a preview of their upcoming episode of CMT’s Crossroads.Check out the performance of “Tell Me When It’s Over” from Crow’s Threads album on YouTube. The full episode premieres on September 27th and includes appearances by Joe Walsh and Lucius. Photo courtesy of PRPhotos

Road Trip!!!!!!!

Block Club Chicago says the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Chicago is building a wall that will have 30 to 60 singing Billy Bass fishes, singing Jaws sharks and musical lobsters. The North Side bar says the toys will sing to customers that pass by. The wall is expected to be finished by September 28th

Are You Kidding Me????

An on-board camera shooting riders on a roller coaster in Spain captured the incredible moment a man caught another rider’s phone in mid-air.  Swear to God.  Not CGI’ed.