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What does your favorite sandwich say about you?

Sunday is National Sandwich Day & what does your favorite sandwich say about you? The Club: Individuals who prefer the Club sandwich are often agreeable and unselfish. Club sandwich eaters are reliable and strongly devoted to work as well as relationships. The best words to describe those who prefer the club sandwich: committed and loyal. […]

No Need To Stumble Outta Bed Now…

No 9-5 Sequel!!! Dolly Parton tells Entertainment Tonight that she and co-stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda have “dropped that whole idea… We never could get the script where it was enough different than the first one, and that one turned out so good.” That doesn’t mean the three legends won’t work together again. It will […]

She’s always up to a good scare, but this is just HILARIOUS! [Watch]

One of my favorite yearly traditions is when Ellen sends her producer Andy through a Haunted House at Universals Horror Nights and yet again it didn’t disappoint!  This year he ventures through with Tiffany Haddish, and who’s more scared this time around?  Check out this hilarious venture! Featured image via

It’s ALIVE! ! Frankenpumpkins are the new Halloween Trend!

California farmer Tony Dighera grows pumpkins that look like Frankenstein. He uses a special mould to get the gourds to look just right. Tony has spent $400,000 perfecting his Frankenpumpkins. He tried 27 different variety of seeds before finding the right one. The Frankenpumpkins cost between $75 and $125. People from as far away as […]

All Together Now…AWWWW!

When we think of Miranda Lambert, we think great performer, animal lover, and a rough-and tumble, gun-totin’ in your face singer!  Well, this video could change your perspective a little bit… Photo courtesy of PRPhotos