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The Cereal Mouth Bowl Challenge Returns [Watch]

The Cereal Mouth Bowl Challenge is back.  The trend first became popular on Youtube in 2010 and reemerged on TikTok this month as the #cerealchallenge. …. People take a video of themselves eating milk and cereal out of another person’s mouth. Featured image via  

What’s One Food that you would never eat?

When it comes to food that’s good for you, I’m the world’s worst picky eater. When it comes to most fruits and vegetables you can count me out! Where I come from, GRAVY is a beverage! Drop by our Bigfoot FB page and let us know what you won’t eat! – BF

Cards Of Many Colors?

You know you’ve made it when you have your own greeting cards! Dolly Parton tweets, “Coming soon to a mailbox near you… I am so thrilled to announce my upcoming line of greeting cards with American Greetings!” The could be e-cards or physical.  we’ll just have to wait and see. Of course, the mailman will have to […]

Long and Gone Girl Scout Cookies

Here are some Girl Scout Cookie varieties that have come and gone. • KOOKABURRAS – Available in the early ‘80s, these rectangular cookies had crispy rice, caramel, and chocolate. • GOLDEN YANGLES – Not really cookies at all, Golden Yangles — available in the 1980s and discontinued in 1992 — were cheddar cheese crackers. • […]

They’re Almost Speechless About It…

Here’s a tweet from the guys— Dan + Shay: Super Bowl weekend is shaping up to be a dream. Excited to announce that we’ll be performing during the official @NFL pregame show.  Don’t miss it.