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LIFE HACK: Folding those pesky fitted sheets! [WATCH]

Folding a fitted sheet is not the easiest feat.  I'm not going to lie, when I fold my fitted sheets, they more or less end up in a wrinkled up ball unfortunately.  Thanks to this TikTok user though, she has shed light on a new life hack that has made folding those fitted sheets less [...]

Pokemon Still GO-ing!

Pokemon Go! is making a comeback because of the coronavirus. Some gamers are playing to stay in shape while others are playing to stay entertained.

Is this a House? Or a Hallway?!

Social Media this weekend made a house outside of Chicago a viral sensation.  Its known as the “Pie House” to chicago residents since its skinnier at one end than the other, and its MUCH roomier than what we expected.  Check it out here! Featured image via

Is Seven Enough?

Congratulations to Clay Walker and his wife Jessica. The couple will welcome their fifth child, a boy they plan to name Christian, in January.  Five, counting the one on the way, are biologically theirs, with two more from Clay’s previous marriage! Photo courtesy of PRPhotos

Watermelon… Burgers?

Tis the season for grilling, it’s common for us to make burgers, hot dogs, chicken and a whole lot more. BUT watermelon burgers?! I’m a bit skeptical but this does sounds refreshing and delicious.  Check out this recipe! Featured image via