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Well, This Doesn’t Look Right

We all make mistakes.  No doubt.  But, with social media, our mistakes can go viral.  I give you these two pictures from Wilkes Barre.  The first is before, the second after.  All fixed now!   Photos courtesy of PA Homepage

Well, This Is Different

A restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland has come up with an ingenious way to help their patrons maintain social distancing, and still have a good time.  We give you “Bumper tables”!!  

Ease anxiety in 10 seconds

Feeling anxious……try this  10-second trick to calm your nerves. Doctor Jud Brewer claims that our eyes are connected to emotions and are the center of our facial expressions. So by spending just 10 seconds exercising our eyes, we can let go of anxiety. Doctor Brewer suggests this three-step process: Identify that raw emotion you are feeling: […]