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New ventures await

Eric Church now has his own limited-edition single barrel whiskey to celebrate his longstanding friendship with the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. The specially designed package includes Eric’s name and a black and gold embossed label. watch for it to be out soon!  

RIP Granny Rich

John Rich’s beloved “Granny Rich” passed away Tuesday, 7/28.  John posted this–“I’m sure there’s a line of angels waiting on her to sew some golden thread into their heavenly apparel! Rest in peace, Granny. You will always be ‘The Queen of the working class.” Rich’s Whiskey “Redneck Riviera”, which supports Folds of Honor, made a […]


The Joker was spotted in Gotham—I mean New York City—riding a jet ski on the East River.  Which, if you are familiar with the East River, is ironic, because you could WALK across the East River. Photo courtesy of PRPhotos

First Luke Combs, Now KFC

Let’s see…with Luke’s Crocs you get a guitar pick and some other stuff. Enter KFC.  The soles are red and white like KFC chicken boxes while the top of the clogs have a picture of fried chicken.  Since fashion IS my life, I have just one question.  WHY????? Oh…one other thing.  The Crocs also feature […]