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Which goes in which? [Watch]

A guy went to Tik Tok recently to show his audience the gift he received from his girl friend, a set of salt and pepper shakers. These salt and pepper shakers are a bit confusing though... which do you think goes in the right shaker? featured image via   @garret.burns These are an absolute [...]

Music Venue in Works for Social Distancing at Concerts

2020 sure has been a weird year and we're missing a lot of our favorite artists on tour this summer.  In the future though we may be able to social distance while watching our favorite artists perform!  We've seen a few drive in movie theater tours but in England they're developing a venue where concert-goers [...]

Masks…Masks Everywhere

We’ve all seen those chains around your neck that are attached to your glasses so you do’t lose ’em, right?  Well, now people are attaching those same chains to their masks!  There are even companies making chains just for that purpose.  That’s one.  AND, a company called Maskalike is making masks that can have your […]

HARDY Releases New Music Video Featuring Morgan Wallen! [WATCH]

We’re social distancing and all, but how are artists releasing new music videos at this time when we’re not to be around one another?  HARDY released his latest animated music video for “He Went to Jared” featuring Morgan Wallen while social distancing… Check it out! Featured image via @HARDY on Instagram