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Luke Bryan and a Gender Reveal?

Luke Bryan had an important job to do on the last stop of his Farm Tour over the weekend. An Arkansas couple tasked Luke with revealing the gender of their baby. After fumbling with the envelope, he pulled out a green piece of paper and said, "You're having an alien!" Joking aside, the paper revealed that they are [...]

Order in the court

All rise for the newest Career Barbie! The honorable Judge Barbie doll is now presiding over play time. Barbie has taken on over 200 different careers since her debut in 1959. From astronaut to president, now There is Judge barbie just in time for the holidays The launch of the new Judge Barbie dolls serves […]

King of Confetti Passes

Comedian Rip Taylor had died at age 84. He’s probably best known as the host of The $1.98 Beauty Show and for throwing confetti on his audience. He got his start with appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show and The Merv Griffin Show in the ’60s and  became a TV staple in the ’70s. Rip appeared in such movies as Wayne’s World […]

Illegal Lane Shift???

A driver on I-35 in Dallas caught video of a pack of horses and ponies running loose on the highway.  No turn signals, though…