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Brantley says thanks

Brantley Gilbert is teaming up with Farmer Veteran Coalition to source local food for catering and thanking the folks for all they do  at the stops on his Fire’t Up tour. After the show, the food that is not used will be distributed to the needy in the area through the organization Musically Fed.

That’s alot of dip!!!

Getting ready for the big game with your favorite dips? Bush’s best celebrated by creating a 70 layer dip!!! It weighed 1, 087 pounds and set a new world record..the old one was just 540 pounds!!! Ok here’s what’s in it… 91 pounds pf veggie dip 145 pounds of cuban dip 118 pounds of Caprese […]

What your favorite chicken wing flavor choice says about you

The Super Bowl is upon us, which means many of us are developing our chicken wing plans. Bone-in or bone-out? Classic Buffalo flavor or something a little more barbecue. • Buffalo — You know what you like and you’re not afraid to order it. You’re not a risk-taker. That’s OK, of course, because most of […]

Just Moose, No Squirrel

Curtis Phelps, of Anchorage, Alaska, was recently taking his trash to a bin when a large moose wandered onto his property. Curtis freaked and fled into a nearby shed. He called his wife from inside the shed to make sure the moose was gone.

The Cereal Mouth Bowl Challenge Returns [Watch]

The Cereal Mouth Bowl Challenge is back.  The trend first became popular on Youtube in 2010 and reemerged on TikTok this month as the #cerealchallenge. …. People take a video of themselves eating milk and cereal out of another person’s mouth. Featured image via