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Ease anxiety in 10 seconds

Feeling anxious……try this  10-second trick to calm your nerves. Doctor Jud Brewer claims that our eyes are connected to emotions and are the center of our facial expressions. So by spending just 10 seconds exercising our eyes, we can let go of anxiety. Doctor Brewer suggests this three-step process: Identify that raw emotion you are feeling: […]

Always Check The Camera Angle

ABC Good Morning America reporter Will Reeves(son of the late Christopher Reeve) had a live report yesterday from his home on GMA.  Coat and tie in place, looked snappy.  However….see for yourself!  

Hey You Guys! The Goonies are Reunited Apart! [Watch]

It’s been a very… um, weird?  past month now.  I don’t know about you, but staying at home has been something I haven’t been used to doing as much as I have right now.  I’m absolutely loving that some of our favorite celebrities are going to social media to interact with fans more than ever…. […]

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