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Really?? No Bull???

Cows are sacred in India.  They are allowed to roam around freely.  Apparently that applies to bulls as well.  And they (the bulls) have taken it ti the next level–shopping!!

He’s a fun dad!

Kids can get themselves into some dangerous situations- but none like these!  Watch what one Dad put his son into.... Featured image via

Attention Star Wars fans!!!

Mattel has released pictures of their new Star Wars Barbie doll collection. The Barbies are dressed like Princess Leia, Darth Vader and R2-D2. The Barbies will sell for $100 and can be pre-ordered on Mattel’s website

something new for snapchat fans

Get ready for the world of 3 D snapchat fans…….they have  developed a new line of sunglasses that come with 3D effects and allow wearers to record video and take pictures in 3D. The Spectacles 3 sunglasses cost $380.