Forrest Walker

Weekdays 12pm-3pm

Radio started for me at an early age, growing up around music and audio equipment. My
Dad is a keyboard player and multi-instrumentalist so there was always music in the house. We
would go see him play live regularly with a country/bluegrass band. Not only did it foster my love
for country music, but it was quite clear that there was great camaraderie, teamwork and the
creation of something special when being part of a band. I could see the same kind of
connection when listening to some of the great radio stations in our region. It was clear that
radio was much like putting together a great recording or a great band, considering the
production elements teamwork, and camaraderie that goes into it. Plus, the whole “theater of
the mind” concept was and still is quite intriguing. Music takes you on an audio journey, so does
radio. Eventually I took up the drums as my main instrument, keyboards being second. Playing
in bands and experimenting with audio recording equipment eventually led me to study music
and radio. Starting out at Bloomsburg University, I then transferred to Penn College where I
earned a degree in broadcasting, complete with an internship at WHLM in Bloomsburg. Shortly
after graduation, I got offered work as a session drummer in bands and in studio which led to
getting hired by Billy Kelly of Lewisburg. We had 2 main projects in which we did a lot of
recording and touring with. Other projects followed, that led me back to WHLM as a board opp
and afternoon host. Very excited about now being part of 7 Mountains Media. This has been a
fantastic experience with some of the coolest people yet! Sharing their vision of being a true
voice for the region is an honor to be a part of.