That’s alot of dip!!!

That’s alot of dip!!!

That’s alot of dip!!!

Getting ready for the big game with your favorite dips? Bush’s best celebrated by creating a 70 layer dip!!! It weighed

1, 087 pounds and set a new world record..the old one was just 540 pounds!!! Ok here’s what’s in it…

91 pounds pf veggie dip

145 pounds of cuban dip

118 pounds of Caprese dip

106 pounds of loaded baked potato dip

100 pounds of buffalo dip

98 pounds of mediterranean dip

126 pounds of fiesta dip

119 pounds of spicy dip

89 pounds of bbq dip

95 pounds of classic dip

it took 19 people 227 long hours to make the dip



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